Matte Hair Style - The Messy Pomp

The 50's style hair cut, The Pomp, is back with a vengeance. With traditional style barbering being stronger than ever, it won't come as a surprise to see most 16-30 year old's wearing a pomp-esque kinda 'do. A lot of people still like the traditional style, with a shiny finish pomade being just the trick to get that true nostalgic look. However, you may feel that although the shiny pomp is a great look, some times you want a more matte-finish-messy-style-pomp. That's where matte products come in. With the matte look becoming ever more popular, many companies who started off making traditional pomades have ventured into the 'matte world', like Bona Fide and Teddy Boys being a good example of this. Another brand who are renowned for their matte finish products is Hanz de Fuko, with their Claymation and Quicksand being know as the most popular and one of, if not the best matte finish styling products.

The truth is, these products do the same as a traditional pomade, but because of the matte finish you can get away with it not being 'just so'. When you're rushing out the door, inevitably late for work/meeting your mates/that date with the supermodel, because you 'had to finish that FIFA tournament' the matte paste products takes your hair styling time down tenfold. If you really want it 'perfectly messy' and looking effortless, the chances are you will need to spend the same time as a normal pomade, as getting every strand 'not quite right' takes time. But, if you're happy to go with it being genuinely messy and not perfect, this is the perfect kind of product for your busy lifestyle. It works well on a day to day basis, but when you've got the time you can make it look as good as this picture to the right.

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