Matte hair products

Although you may love rocking the slick back style, you may not want to have the same look every single day. The benefit of using a matte paste is it can show more texture and embrace a natural curl more than a traditional gel or pomade. The trick to a matte finish product, is to not be afraid of using a lot. People seem to think that just because it's not a gel, you can't use a lot of it. In fact, you can use just as much or even more if need be, and it won't matter. Matte finish hair products are a great day to day hair product for an 'effortless' look as it looks like you aren't trying too hard (even if you did spend an hour getting that messy look just-so). Plus, if you've got a rounder shaped face it can help using a matte finish product, because it can give you more volume and take away the fuller-faced look. 

Applying matte paste to your hair

As i mentioned above, you really shouldn't be afraid of using a lot at a time. Follow the usual steps you would when using a wet look product. Don't just roll out of bed in the morning and expect your sleeping habits to have nailed the bed-head look. Guys, i assure you if you see anyone with a good bed-head look they have mastered styling it like it, they don't sleep for 8 hours and wake up with hair naturally formed in the perfect way.

Step 1

Wash your hair, and if need be use conditioner, but it isn't essential (another plus to a matte paste/pomade).

Step 2

Towel dry it, comb through (make sure you have a good comb that will actually pull it through, KENT is always a winner) and then get the blowdryer out.

Step 3

Blow dry back using the comb to feed it back until nearly dry (even if you're not styling it backwards, still do it that way, it can help for texture)

Step 4

Get a good size amount in your hand, roughly a grape size, and rub your hands together until they are evenly covered. The next steps will vary depending on the style you are looking for. I'll break it down for you so you can get the desired look.

To get the messy look:

Start working your hands through your hair side to side, including the fringe. The reason i say to go from side to side rather than front to back is it's very common to have a heavier build up on the front, and the middle to back of your hair gets neglected which is why it wont often stay in position. Depending on how messy you want it, once the product is worked in roughly you can put your hand on the top of your head an rub in a circular motion. Although you may think you look like a total peanut it will be worth it. Once you've done the rubbing you then work your hair backwards with your fingertips, and you'll notice that although it will go back it will have much more volume and texture to it rather than the 'combed-back' look. Keep fiddling with it until you've got it how you want it, and don't be afraid to put more product in if need be. If it's a good matte paste, it should hold like that but if you're really unsure you can finish it with a grooming spray or hair spray to lock it in. Here is a few we'd recommend: Hanz De Fuko Claymation, Quicksand or Sponge Wax (Favoured my Mr David Beckham himself), Teddy Boy Matte Wax or Bona Fide Matte Paste.

To get the non-shine slick back look

Start by working just your fingertips through your hair from backwards to forwards (I know, you're going against your comb back hair but just trust me on this one). Now all your hair is pulled forward you can start working it backwards again. All this does is ensure all the hair, including the roots, have product in it rather than just the top. If you've just caked it on the top the the chances are it wont stay in position all day. Once it's warn off of your fingertips and is slicked back again you can now start using your palms. Guide your hands from front to back, making sure you work all the way back to ensure even coverage. Keep going front to back, using a comb if you want to help pull the hair in the right direction until it has completely worn off your hands. If you want it flatter, push your hands over your hair, rather than through it, to stick it down more. Same as above, you can use a grooming spray or hairspray to lock it it position if need be.

Thats it guys, you can now rock that matte look in different ways, making sure you're noticed. You can get some of the best matte pastes available in our men's section, just click on the link. Cheers!

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